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Below you can find all of the services we offer. Of course, you must be aware that when solving a problem, a therapist does not have a “magic wand” that will heal you and solve all of your problems. Without the individual’s will to work on himself and his personal development, the therapist is severely limited. If the individual’s will is combined with the appropriate therapist’s guidance, we can say that everything is possible. 

When providing services that include energy work, special attention is focused on the safety of clients. 

Image by William Farlow

Today, there are various names used for energy healing around the globe. In general, any method or manner that includes the use of energy, which is invisible to humans and difficult to detect or prove, can be called energy healing. Usually, we use different types of energies and operation modes to influence the person’s energy system (chakras, meridians, nadis, subtle bodies), which consequently reflects on the physical level or physical body. 

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Karmic diagnostics deals with identification and location of causes – factors that lead to a certain psychophysical disease in the physical, emotional or mental area or cause other problems in a person’s life: frequent accidents, financial issues, romantic problems, etc. Such causes may originate from conception, when the person was still in the uterus, childhood or adulthood. Causes can also be inherited from parents and ancestors and can also arise from previous lives. 

Image by Kayla Maurais

Energy cleansing is used to remove the condensed leftover negative energy from the rooms and objects. Such negative energy is most often left by people who resided or died in such rooms, people that owned a certain object, or was intentionally/unintentionally sent into the room/object. 

Energy cleansing of rooms is recommended when a person moves into a new apartment, house, or business premises where someone already resided or worked before. It is also recommended when there is too much disharmony in a certain room or when a person gets stuck at a certain point in life and does not know how to proceed. 

Image by Kayla Maurais

When eliminating the causes of certain problems, it is quite often possible to encounter a condition where such problems are caused or escalated by various entities, dead souls or other beings that feed on our energy and are invisible to us. It is possible to talk about a karmic connection between the person and the being, that a person absorbed a certain being due to a combination of circumstances, or that a being was intentionally sent by another person practicing black magic. The most frequently occurring cases include persons with various beings that got stuck to their energy fields when they attended group channellings or when they tried to communicate with the invisible world, believing that this is perfectly safe and without any consequences. It is also quite often to encounter “messing around” with different occult practices that include summoning spirits or dead souls (what is shown in movies sometimes isn’t far from the truth). 

All of this can be eliminated or solved with certain energy processes and awareness without major side effects. 

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Reiki originates from the late period of Atlantis. Since then, various civilizations have risen and fallen, which is why the knowledge of reiki was only preserved in some monasteries in the area around the Himalayas and in regions where Buddhism is widespread. Mikao Usui rediscovered reiki and taught us the long-forgotten knowledge about hands-on healing. Today, there is an abundance of weekend reiki courses where the transferred knowledge can be superficial and where potential dangers and the protection from such dangers aren’t even mentioned. 

We are currently only performing therapies, however, we will soon prepare a programme for individual training and active reiki initiations.

Sitting Meditation

Meditation is an energy method of making contact and merging with the soul. It is not just a thought process or contemplation (deep thinking) or just daydreaming or relaxation. It also includes attention and awareness training. With meditation, people learn how to control emotions and thoughts instead of vice versa. This is a multilayer approach to self-development which provides additional benefits for the promotion of physical and psychological well-being. 

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