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Rock Balancing


Klemen Ivančič, energetic healing therapist

After several years of education, conducting independent research in conscious and meditative states in the field of spirituality, and after passing the biotherapy programme (covering everything described in the Services section) I decided to publicly offer all of my knowledge and skills to anyone who would find it useful and interesting. From a very young age, I was convinced that spirituality can’t be just what we were taught in church, Sunday school, etc. I was raised a Christian, for which I am very grateful, because this is a part of me that shaped me into a person I am today. In time, I realized that a part of me wants to learn more. Gradually, I started to discover the true depth and wanted to find the source and explanation/ evidence for everything, namely our internal operation as human beings (mental, emotional, energetic), spirituality, composition and operation of the energy body, our interconnection, our connection with the Higher power-Source-God-Creator of everything, and the operation of the worlds which are invisible to us, etc. 

After many years of searching for answers and after dealing with different practices, I am now here for all of you who are interested in this area and for all of you who would like to overcome various problems and work on yourselves in order to become better versions of yourselves

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