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Klemen Ivančič, energetic healing therapist

Bliss moment of meditation


Welcome to the Sutratma website where you can browse through our services and find a lot of information and knowledge on the topic of spirituality, which will help you understand certain things about yourself and your energy body, and help you start living a fulfilling life. 

If you have any problems with your physical body, if you feel burned out, if you have insomnia, if you are sad, if you have any phobias, if you feel inferior, depressed, 

anxious..., or if you perhaps don’t feel connected with earth energies and find it difficult to integrate with the society and create relations, perhaps you just don’t know where to start and you only need some guidance when dealing with your problems. 

We are here to help you with those kind of problems so you can take one step further in your personal development and solve your problems which are preventing you from living a happy and healthy life. 

Our therapies are primarily intended to resolve problems (especially diseases) and to further help an individual achieve independence where a therapist is no longer needed. 

Do not hesitate to ask us for additional information and explanations or to contact us if you have any questions regarding therapy appointments.



No.: +386 31 250 457

Therapy room Kobarid

Therapy room Ljubljana

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