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Today, various terms are used worldwide to describe energy healing. In general, it can be referred to as any method or approach that utilizes energy for healing, which is invisible and difficult to perceive and prove. Typically, it involves the use of different types of energies and modes of operation that influence the human energy system (chakras, meridians, nadis, subtle bodies), consequently manifesting on a physical level or the physical body.

Some of the most common terms used can relate with energy healing:

  • Esoteric healing

  • Bioenergy

  • Bioenergy holistic healing

  • Reiki

  • Theta healing

  • Karmic diagnostics

  • Pranic healing

  • Tesla metamorphosis

Energy healing:

Today, this term is mostly understood as the removal of harmful energies, infusion of positive energies, energy transmission through laying on of hands, chakra cleansing, etc. In such methods of healing, the causes of diseases or poor psychophysical well-being are not primarily addressed, but only the symptoms. Therefore, this can be called symptomatic healing.

Holistic energy healing:

This term encompasses all the aforementioned methods, as well as various relaxation techniques, awareness practices, and personal and spiritual growth techniques such as analytical psychology, PEAT, EFT, karmic diagnostics, regression therapy, rebirthing, various types of meditations, awareness techniques, yoga exercises, Merkaba, psychic reading, etc. In these cases, not only the symptoms are treated, but indirect or direct influence on the root causes is also applied. The effectiveness of therapies depends greatly on karmic causes, the spiritual developmental stage of the therapist or healer, their knowledge, the depth of intervention, and the individual's capacity to undergo the treatment.

Spiritual healing:

It is called spiritual because communication and healing occur at the level of the soul. The person or living being is treated as a psychophysical whole, and the deepest causes that lead to various illnesses and other discomforts of the present time are addressed. The therapy includes all the above-mentioned elements or their "upgrades" and much more, such as resolving karmic bonds, karmic causes, patterns, beliefs, karma, work with various non-physical beings, entities, psychic surgery, and many other techniques.

In our therapies, the focus is on identifying and resolving the root causes of problems, illnesses, psychophysical conditions...

Symptomatic energy healing is only employed in cases where a person has a severe illness that is already reflected in the physical body and requires energy support to better withstand treatments.

Therapy process:

First, the therapist engages in a conversation with the person, discussing the reasons for seeking help, the nature of the problems, relationships with close individuals in life, whether unexplainable events occur, official medical diagnosis, medications, perspective on spirituality, beliefs, etc.

During the conversation and throughout the therapy process, the therapist gathers information in various ways to guide the person toward the awareness of the cause. Most commonly, this involves intuitive insights, clairvoyance, telepathic communication between souls, or direct insight into the person's energy field.

In some cases, it can be determined at the beginning whether it is a physical problem and to what extent the therapist can help the person. However, every event, including physical problems or injuries, has a root cause that is reflected as a consequence, especially if it involves repetitive physical injuries to a specific part of the body.

The presence of external energetic influences from the invisible world, such as harmful entities, disembodied souls, energetic residues, and black magic, is also being examined to determine whether they affect the issues. Then, the reasons for these influences are investigated, whether the person has a karmic debt or connection, or if there are promises, vows, or exchanges from this or previous lives behind these influences.

The healer then explains to the person how they perceive the entire situation and suggests an approach and method for the therapy or therapies. If the person agrees, they, together with the healer, create a tentative plan for the therapy process and determine the number of sessions needed to resolve the specific issue. The therapist guides the person through specific meditation and magical processes during the therapy sessions, which include awareness, processing subconscious patterns, beliefs, programs, various traumas, removing and adjusting karmic connections, eliminating external energetic influences, and more.

During the healing processes, various things can occur, including phenomena that can be categorized as supernatural or incomprehensible to an ordinary person.

Therefore, each individual therapy takes place in different ways as the healer adjusts it to the person based on the circumstances, responses, and information received during the therapy, ensuring the person is effectively and safely guided through all the healing processes.

Feelings that may arise during the therapy or healing processes include drowsiness, dizziness, pressure in different parts of the body, tingling sensations, warmth, cold, chills, tremors, uncontrollable crying, screaming, laughter, coughing, poking sensations on the body, a sense of someone else's presence in the room, and more.

A person may experience out-of-body experiences, visions, receive messages/hints during the processes, sense pleasant smells, and many other things since each individual experiences the healing processes in a different way.

Once the healing processes are completed, the healer answers any questions the person may have, followed by instructions and recommendations from the healer, explaining what may happen in the next few days and what to pay attention to. The person also receives recommendations regarding their lifestyle, and if necessary, they are shown energy exercises.

Next, an agreement is made regarding the next therapy session, if needed, or a referral to another healer specializing in different areas if it is deemed more beneficial for the person.

Side Effects of Energy Healing

During deep energetic interventions or healing (processing) of causes, there can be an initial strengthening or worsening of certain symptoms. If the therapist performs the therapy correctly, the symptoms usually disappear or improve in the following days. Additional therapy may be required in some cases, while in others, it may not. However, all of this can already happen during the energy intervention itself.

In some cases, complications may arise, and the person may require medical assistance. In such cases, it is highly likely that the illness was about to manifest, and the energy healing only accelerated and intensified the symptoms.

Symptoms of previously experienced illnesses that were not "properly" treated, even on an energetic level, can emerge from deep within. For example, someone may experience a sore throat because they had a severe form of tonsillitis in childhood. A person may have a very mild rash similar to measles that disappears in the next few days because they previously had a severe case of measles.

Reactions that may occur during or after energy healing include:

  • Sensation of waves, tingling, warmth, cold, or the feeling of a breeze

  • Feelings of anxiety or pressure anywhere in the body

  • Headaches, dizziness, nausea, and the urge to vomit

  • Facial expression changes, unconscious body movements, and spasms

  • Changes in the depth and frequency of breathing

  • Coughing or swallowing saliva with a feeling of a lump in the throat

  • Emotional outbursts - laughter, crying, screaming, moaning, etc.

  • Sweating on specific areas of the skin

  • Relaxed tiredness, stronger and calmer sleep, possibly restless

  • Increased physical and mental energy

  • Improved skin tone or unpleasant-smelling sweat, pimples, hives

  • Frequent urination and bowel movements

  • Digestive disorders, more frequent and abundant stools, even foul-smelling thicker or mucus-like stools and flatulence

  • Increased secretion of mucus from the nose, mouth, and bronchial system

  • Vaginal discharge in women

  • Elevated body temperature as a result of toxin elimination

  • Tooth root or scar pain

  • Pain in body parts that are not necessarily affected by an illness

  • Recurrence of previously experienced diseases that were not adequately treated

  • Suppressed emotions, thoughts, memories, reminiscing, and reliving of traumas

  • Vivid dreams

  • Drowsiness and increased fatigue

The symptoms described above can also occur with certain types of massages (reflexology, TCM). Such symptoms and similar ones are good indicators that we are on the right path. They are a result of the response of the autoimmune system, the energetic structure of the individual, and the healing process. Some people may become frightened by these symptoms and believe that energy healing is harmful to them.

Similar symptoms can also occur with black magic, spells, or curses because healers who work with energies can "stir things up" or unintentionally attract certain things during therapy. Therefore, it is advisable to investigate what is really going on before jumping to any conclusions too quickly.

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