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First, let's explain what the term "entity" and "external energetic influences" represent.

An entity can be described as a conscious being without a physical body, residing in other unseen energetic realms. External energetic influences encompass all forms of energy that affect our aura or energetic bodies, including entities. To provide a clearer understanding, the inhabitants of visible and invisible realms are presented below:




  • Living individuals

  • Adept and their disciples

  • Psychically developed individuals not guided by a Master

  • Ordinary individuals

  • Black magicians or their disciples

  • Deceased individuals

  • Nirmanakaya

  • Individual awaiting reincarnation

  • Ordinary deceased individuals

  • Shadow beings

  • Shells

  • Reanimated shells

  • Suicides and sudden deaths

  • Vampires and werewolves (rare and decreasing)

  • Individuals in the gray world

  • Black magicians or their disciples


  • Elemental essence belonging to our evolution

  • Astral bodies of animals

  • Natural spirits of all kinds

  • Devas


  • Unconsciously formed elementals

  • Consciously formed elementals

  • Human-made artificial elemental


Most healers and shamans refer to harmful entities as "negative energies" or "lost fragments of the soul." Technically speaking, this understanding is not entirely correct. Most use these terms due to lack of knowledge, while a minority does so to avoid alarming people. Harmful entities are conscious non-physical beings. If we delve into the concept of entities, they can fundamentally be harmful, friendly, neutral, mixed, or acting according to their own interests.

Here, we will focus more on harmful entities and the reasons why and how they harm us, as we have no objections to the presence of good/positive entities that assist us. Entities differ from one another in terms of types, forms, sizes, and strength, and can originate from Earth or beyond. Entities can range in size from small insects or bugs to massive forms exceeding 50 meters. Some resemble animals from our animal kingdom, while others have completely alien appearances. In most cases, harmful entities attach themselves to sources of life energy or places abundant in such energy. Life energy is to them what food and drink are to humans. Typically, they attach themselves to the chakras or energy points that are vital for the human body. Some harmful entities have very low IQ and view humans merely as food. Others are highly intelligent, cunning, and crafty, knowing precisely what they are doing, which often extends beyond just draining life energy. These entities are among the more problematic ones, and many healers, shamans, or exorcists struggle to deal with them. These beings are usually very powerful, have been present for a long time, trace their origins back to ancient times, and are often referred to as demons, or malevolent spirits.


Developed harmful entities exert pressure on negative emotions, feelings, diversion from the light, and escalate our unresolved destructive patterns and beliefs that we carry within ourselves.

If such a person seeks help from another individual (a healer) who possesses real power and knowledge to remove them, the entities will do everything to make the person reconsider and avoid reaching the healer.

Some harmful entities will attempt to destroy specific parts of your life, such as romantic relationships, family life, connections with others, psychophysical health, and more. Entities can make people angry, violent, and completely transform their character into a negative aspect. In the worst-case scenarios, this may result in reading in the news: "For unknown reasons, he stabbed his wife" or "For unknown reasons, he shot five people," and so on.

Almost all harmful entities feed on life energy. An individual with many harmful entities or significant ones will consequently have little energy (prana, chi, ki). Entities can cause physical problems and pain in the area where they are attached. In the worst-case scenarios, they can lead to organ failure, both internal and external, and even death.

People with strong willpower, personality, and spiritual connection to their soul are not easily influenced by them. Such individuals may be temporarily thrown off balance for a while, but they quickly return to their original position. People with weak willpower, who are naturally angry, violent, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have an increased likelihood of falling under their influence. And they are the most vulnerable to their impact.



  • A hole in the aura. Various operations that involve physical intervention can cause damage to the subtle layers of the aura. Another factor is different types of anesthesia, which can lead to a loss of consciousness and allow entities to enter the physical body. Hospitals are among the worst places for people with holes in their aura because they tend to harbor a significant number of entities. Problematic locations can also include slaughterhouses, butchers, nightclubs, bars, and similar venues.

  • Alcohol, drugs, strange artificial substances also create holes in the aura. In such cases, the aura may appear like a Swiss cheese. And if we exaggerate a bit, individuals with these issues can have more entities on them than a dog has fleas. Occasional drinking or using milder drugs is not as problematic and does not cause such difficulties.

  • Sex, pornography.

  • Interactions with other people in crowds. In a crowd, entities can literally jump from one person to another. If you've ever come home feeling more exhausted than usual, experienced a headache without any apparent cause, it's highly likely that you encountered some harmful entity. Entities often target the weakest and most vulnerable individuals in a crowd.

  • Group healings, therapies, sessions, meditations. If the person leading the group healing processes is not on a sufficiently high spiritual level or lacks proper knowledge, harmful non-physical beings can transfer from one person to another. During group healings, the auras of the participants become more open than usual, which means that one person may leave feeling better while another may experience even worse psychophysical conditions than before.

  • Black magic. In this case, harmful entities and dark beings intentionally target specific individuals or groups of people. They may be sent by someone else, a black magician or their assistants, a higher or more powerful entity. Such entities are persistent, stubborn, and relentless. They keep attacking a person until they start creating holes in the aura and causing harm. If a person is energetically too strong for them, they can get burned and eventually give up, even demanding payment from the one who sent them.

  • Demons (jinns, devils) associated with black magic are the most problematic entities. They cause the most harm, and it is extremely difficult to remove them. Not even healers or priests are safe from them.

  • A person engaged in entity removal must be spiritually highly developed. They must meet the criteria that apply to a white magician.



At the very end of this article, you will find possible signs that may occur in the presence of harmful entities.

When determining whether we have a harmful entity attached to our energy body, we must be cautious and not jump to quick conclusions. It is important to distinguish between an energetic attack by an entity and our own negative thoughts, subconscious destructive patterns/beliefs, and negative subconscious programs. Additionally, we must also differentiate thoughts or thought-forms that can behave like entities, whether intentionally or unintentionally created by elementals, astral beings, or implants. Protection and removal of negative energy do not work against our own subconscious saboteurs unless it is done by someone who is literally a "Buddha" or "Jesus," an enlightened individual.

Furthermore, when examining the influences of harmful entities, we need to distinguish whether we have taken them on somewhere or if someone intentionally sent them to us, or if they are entities with whom we have unresolved karma, agreements, or promises from current or past lives. In addition to entities, it is also possible that similar problems are caused by a disembodied soul that cannot move on, is attached to a place, object, or beings from other planets that lack a physical body and are simply exploring our world.

Since most people know almost nothing about this, including the majority of those involved in entity removal, curses, black magic, it often happens that they lump all possible energetic influences together. The difference is crucial in order to know how to deal with it, as each energetic influence requires a specific approach.


Harmful energetic influences operate according to the same laws as radiation, permeation, and the flow of the aura or biofield. The more conscious a person is, and the more "harmful/destructive" subconscious patterns and programs they have become aware of, the less they are affected by negative things, the mentality, and emotions of other living beings. Certain energetic manipulations are literally repelled by them. Such individuals have a higher vibration of their aura and repel or do not allow low-vibration negative things to affect them. However, if people have any fears, doubts, or similar patterns in their subconscious, they may be more susceptible to these influences. Each individual is susceptible to negative influences to the extent that they have strong subconscious saboteurs.

The removal of harmful energies/entities is usually the first thing we do when a person comes for therapy. Without this, healing is only temporary or it becomes very difficult to penetrate the person's energy system and regulate energy flows due to the energetic blockages caused by these entities. Often, the mere removal of harmful entities leads to healing on an energetic level. Healing on the physical level depends on other factors, including how long these entities have been attached to the person and whether we have discovered and addressed the causes that weaken the aura's protection, allowing these entities to enter the energy system in the first place.

To conclude, we will list some possible symptoms that may result from the presence of negative/harmful entities:

  • Feeling that people are avoiding you

  • Constant conflicts, arguments, disputes without an apparent cause

  • Unexplained hatred or increased resistance towards loved ones and surroundings

  • Your good intentions are misunderstood or misinterpreted by others

  • Quarrels with your partner or children

  • Decline in your work or career

  • Lack of financial income or very minimal income, no financial prospects

  • Relatives or colleagues not believing or trusting you

  • Disturbed or interrupted sleep

  • Sudden awakening with fear or cold sweat

  • Nightmares

  • Feeling suffocated in a semi-conscious state

  • Unconscious getting up, mumbling, crying, screaming in sleep

  • Sensation of some thoughts not being your own

  • Feeling of energy theft during sleep

  • Insomnia

  • Fatigue despite getting plenty of sleep

  • Dreams about water, suffocation, falling from heights, unclean spaces (bathrooms)

  • Dreams about snakes, cats, scorpions, spiders, cemeteries, crematoriums, corpses, horrifying people, demons, vampires, werewolves, terrifying creatures (such dreams may also indicate confrontation with the dark side of a person's own subconscious and have little to do with black magic)

  • Seeing dead people in dreams or dreaming about being killed

  • Frequent headaches, migraines

  • Chronic fatigue, nausea

  • Sudden onset of apathy or lack of interest in life's matters

  • Mood swings, irrational anger, irritability, fear, hysteria, other abnormal behavior

  • Dry mouth at night, increased thirst, extreme hunger, loss of appetite

  • Extreme hunger when entities take over your body

  • Unexplained weight gain or loss

  • Sudden chills, goosebumps

  • Seeing black dots or figures of various geometrical shapes in front of you

  • Bloated stomach, similar to the expansion of a pregnant woman's belly

  • Darkening of your complexion, as if blood poisoning occurred

  • When waking up or being awake, seeing dark or gray smoke before your eyes

  • Burning pain, as if someone pricked you with needles or thorns

  • Itching, burning, or feeling as if your whole body is on fire

  • Seeing shadows, dark outlines, or feeling that someone is behind you, hearing voices

  • Increased paranormal activity around you

  • Frequent accidents

  • Sexual dreams, ejaculation

  • Excessive interest in sex or obsession with sex

  • Rape in dreams by spirits, resulting in a real orgasm

  • Loss of libido, erectile dysfunction

  • Unexplained bruises around thighs, genitals, arms, and other parts of the body

  • Rashes, irritation in the genital area

  • Cessation of menstruation, irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, dark menstrual blood

  • Hormonal disturbances

  • Rapid aging

  • Premature graying of hair, which may lead to baldness

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and other artificial substances

  • Suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts

  • Extreme fears

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Schizophrenia

  • Bipolar disorders

  • Blocked thinking, forgetfulness, confusion, paranoia, hallucinations

  • Tension, tightness, muscle contraction, spasms in different parts of the body

  • Pain in specific body parts without visible physical causes, as if something is tearing, twisting, drilling inside

  • Various types of cancer, incurable diseases that official medicine cannot explain

  • Chest pressure, irregular heartbeats without physical exertion, heart problems, cardiac arrest (heart attack), death

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