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Energy cleansing involves clearing the energetic residue from spaces and objects where dense negative energy remains, often from people who have lived in those spaces, passed away, claimed certain objects, or intentional/unintentional negative energy sent to the space/object.

Space energy cleansing is recommended when a person moves into a new apartment, house, or workspace where someone has previously lived or operated. It is also recommended when significant conflicts arise in a particular space or when a person feels stuck in life and doesn't know how to move forward.

For example, if a couple in an apartment constantly argued, fought, and even experienced a murder, the energies of anger, hatred, fear, stress, sadness, and more are present in that space. These energies gradually start affecting new occupants. If a young couple who previously lived harmoniously and in harmony moves into such a space, they may eventually start arguing without a visible and understandable cause. They may become distant, separate, or even experience worse outcomes.

Sometimes, certain apartments, houses, or individual living spaces are located on sites that were once graveyards or in close proximity to new cemeteries. Problematic spaces and locations include places where tragic events occurred, accidents, former prisons where people were tortured, areas affected by war, incidents of rape, or murders. Such places carry significant negative emotional charges. They contain numerous human shells, energy fragments, elementals, and souls that, due to shock, are unable to move to brighter spheres.

This can be observed or manifested in dreams, relationships with others, or in other ways. Sometimes, it may seem as if someone is dreaming and reliving similar events that occurred in a specific location, with all the emotional and mental charges attached to them. A friendly, joyful, and open person can completely change overnight, becoming selfish, resentful, pessimistic, and cold-blooded. Some would say they have been possessed by a demon. Similar symptoms may arise when harmful entities or elementals attach themselves to someone.

Everything in the universe is vibration, and vibration influences vibration. Each individual part contains the whole, albeit in a condensed form. Through a fragment, we can access the entirety. Every aspect of our lives or everything we have touched carries an energetic imprint that can serve as a connection to us on a certain level of consciousness or operational level (signature, photograph, jewelry, blood sample, strand of hair, etc.).

The interpretation of vibration, energetic background, and quality through touch is called psychometry. It falls into the category of extrasensory perception (clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, clairaudience). It involves perception that goes beyond the usual five senses.

On an energetic level, spaces and objects contain all the information about what has happened or is happening in that particular space. Objects carry information about their creation, previous users, and the events they have been involved in.

Process of Energy Cleansing

The most commonly used methods for energy cleansing include sea salt, rice, floral offerings, incense, scented sticks, bells, musical instruments, clapping hands, blessed water, and harmonious spheres. However, in practice, these cleansing techniques may not be suitable when dealing with harmful entities or highly condensed negative energies. Such energies can result from intense destructive emotional charges, thought forms, energetic remnants of deceased individuals, curses, or property-bound negative energies. In such cases, these techniques are energetically insufficient as they only address surface-level issues, while the underlying causes remain. Even spiritual practices like traditional Reiki, various meditations, and visualizations often fall short in dealing with these matters.

In such circumstances, the use of merkaba, sound, sacred chants, mantras, prayers, and sacred rituals becomes more appropriate. These methods are commonly employed by certain spiritual practitioners such as priests, monks, and clergy. This type of energy cleansing is generally considered the most effective. It allows lost or trapped "souls" to progress into higher realms, while negative energetic patterns and emotions are removed or transformed. It enables the purification of space from events that occurred decades, centuries, or even millennia ago.

Problematic Locations

Among the locations that fall into this category are dwellings (buildings, structures) previously inhabited by alcoholics, drug addicts, hardened criminals, fortune-tellers, or individuals who performed black magical rituals, curses, or spells.

When a person moves into such a space, they may occasionally become obsessed with harmful entities that linger within the environment or are attached to the space itself, seeking the necessary energy. In such cases, individuals may feel as though their behavior is not their own, and even calm individuals can become irritable, engage in arguments, feel energetically drained, experience nightmares, fears, or peculiar dreams.

In such situations, simple energy cleansing of the space is not enough. It is necessary to first sever, remove, and resolve karmic ties to past energies within the space. A transformational process is conducted to eliminate harmful entities from the auras of new residents as well as the environment. For a harmful entity to attach itself to a person's energy field, it must possess a similar or identical subconscious pattern. Therefore, someone may be plagued by nightmares or feel a sense of detachment, while other family members sleep peacefully without any issues. In such cases, it is crucial to recognize that these experiences serve as indications of areas in need of improvement, self-awareness, and resolution.

Various products and protections marketed for energy cleansing of spaces or protection against negative influences, such as informed items, crystal spheres, pyramids, energy plates, energy paintings, coatings, etc., do not have a significant impact on matters related to harmful entities or destructive subconscious patterns. In practice, such items are effective in only approximately 15-20% of the advertised and promised results.


Common Phenomena Associated with Harmful Entities or "Haunted Houses":

  • Unexplainable noises: footsteps, kicking, banging, scratching, sounds as if something has fallen, etc. In some cases, these sounds can be subtle, while in others, they can be very loud.

  • Opening and closing of doors and drawers.

  • Activation and deactivation of electrical devices in the house, such as lights, TV, radio, computer, and other electronic appliances.

  • Disappearance and reappearance of objects.

  • Unexplained shadows: the appearance of shadowy figures in unusual places. Sometimes these shadows have no specific form, while other times they resemble human shapes.

  • Strange behavior of animals.

  • Sensation of being observed.

  • Psychokinetic phenomena: when the sound of doors opening and closing is not only heard but also visible.

  • Sensation of being touched by someone.

  • Faint voices, crying, whispering, screams, and occasionally unexplained music.

  • Sensation of heat or cold in specific areas of the space or any noticeable temperature differences without explanation.

  • Unexplained odors.

  • Movement or levitation of objects: plates sliding on tables, pictures falling off walls, loud knocking on doors, furniture moving.

  • Physical attacks: scratches and bruises from impacts that cannot be explained. Such events are rare.

  • Other physical evidence: inexplicable writing on paper, walls, or floors, handprints and footprints in places they shouldn't be.

  • Apparitions.

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