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Sometime around the age of ten, as we begin to grow up a little, questions start to arise: What will I become in life? What profession will I pursue? Which high school will I enroll in? Which hobby will I choose? Then the questions begin to escalate with increasing pressure (due to the expectations of our surroundings): Which college will you attend? When will you start working? Will you be able to work in the field you studied for? Will you be able to work in what you like? When will you find a partner? When will you get married? When will you have children? Etc.

So we are bombarded with questions from all sides and we drawn into the system of modern times, and maybe somewhere around 30, 40, 50 years old, we "wake up" and ask ourselves whether all these questions have led us down the path of my soul, my desires, my inner voice. Have they led me to the system or already some kind of "blueprint" plan on how everyone should spend their lives according to current standards/frameworks?

Important questions that you can ask yourself no matter what stage of life you are in: What have I been doing all my life? And more importantly: Why am I doing it? Exclude all external classical (factors) answers and listen to that quiet voice inside you, which is the voice of your soul. Perhaps it will whisper to you that you are completely happy and on the right path, or perhaps that you are not going in the right direction or you have (maybe) fallen asleep, spinning in routine, and something needs to change so that you can follow your heart and stop chasing happiness that keeps slipping out of your hands.

Let's look at the system we live in. What drives us? To undergo a certain education or to become as educated as possible, to get a job, to work as much as possible. Why? So that we can be better than others and have a better position in society and with it a more comfortable life. From this point of view, the system already drives us into competitiveness with each other, who will be better, who will be more successful, who will be first...

At this point, we can ask ourselves, what is success. What is the measure: being smart, educated? What does it mean to be good, excellent, the best? What is the main ingredient of these terms that we attribute to certain people? All these people need just one thing for these titles: someone or a group of people who are not successful, who are not smart, who are not educated, who are doing poorly by certain standards... without them, the success of an individual does not exist.

Let's read this again and think about what the price of someone's success is in this system. The price is simply someone else's failure. All of this could be called a completely misguided definition of success and power, from which the human ego draws and longs for domination, although we often do not even realize it. This comes to the fore most when we look at all the horrors that humans are capable of. Why? Because they want to dominate others and (according to the theory of the system) be successful in this way.

Now let's ask ourselves, what is true success then? The only definition of success or failure that is based on love is when we place a younger version of ourselves next to us, yunger for a day, a month, a year, or even five years and ask ourselves: who is better?

You can ponder on your own about how much would change if we were to change the definition of success in our system in this way and start teaching our youngest generation about success in this manner. Which path, then, should we follow? The path of the heart, love and by comparing our past self with our present self.

Klemen Ivancic

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