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At first glance, a very difficult and extensive question to which it seems we have no general answer. But let's first examine what life actually is?

Life can be described as the expression or experience of an individual on this planet for a limited period of time. Each individual is born into a different environment with various influences, which, we can say, largely dictate the experiences they undergo until their death. Some come into this world in a loving environment, where they have a wonderful opportunity to grow and live (according to our definition) a comfortable and beautiful life, while others are born into harsh conditions that wecan't even imagine. In such cases, people struggle for mere survival. What is the primary goal of life for those who are fighting for survival? The main purpose and objective in such an environment are to acquire necessary sustenance, protect oneself from dangers, and ensure the survival of the human body, which is the natural instinct of all living beings on Earth. Therefore, every individual in life has goals dictated by their surroundings and goals they long to achieve.

The human mind is inherently oriented towards progression and improvement, aiming to achieve more on both physical and spiritual levels continually. However, this is not always the case, especially in the modern world, where we witness how many individuals inadvertently harm themselves by turning their own intelligence and mind against them. In the worst-case scenarios, this can lead to severe illnesses and even death.This occurs in most cases when a person assigns a certain meaning to specific things, events, experiences, … from which subsequent beliefs begin to harm them over time. As an example, we can consider the placebo effect, which is utilized in nearly everymedical drug trial. Evidence from this phenomenon shows that often, mere belief in the efficacy of a treatment can lead to healing. Of course, the placebo effect works in both positive and negative directions. Just as someone with millions in their bank account might believe they don't have enough and subsequently impose stress, pressure, and the need for greater “achievements” on themselves, another person with just enough to survive might live with the belief that it is entirely sufficient. They may cultivate happiness and joy within themselves, regardless of their surroundings,ultimately leading to alife full of happiness and love.

From all of this, we can make a conclusion that life itself does not have built in meaning or purpose. Every single meaning on our planet is assigned by humans to things or life itself. Therefore, life doesn't have built in meaning, but we have the gift and privilege to assign meaning to certain things fully by our choice. Each one of us can freely choose what meaning a particular thing, domain, person, event, ... will have in their life.Since we are born into different environments, which have predetermined meanings and beliefs based on the past, which we absorb from others and are taught during childhood, it's crucial that we become aware of and acknowledge that nothing has built in meaning or belief other than what we ascribe to it. No thing or living being in the world has built in meaning or belief by itself. This means that everything is in our hands, and we can change any meaning and any belief that we have,so it can serve our highest good and we can live on our full potential.

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